Friday, April 12, 2013

Abstract Organic Live Edge Burl Coffee Table-TAKE 2!

So after finishing the other table for my pal Glen, he nearly had to pry it from my hands. I had it in my living room for a while until we could finally find a time to meet up, and I really fell in love with it during that time.

It was a bit too big for my space though, so I've been keeping an eye out for another similar one ever since, and I finally found one at my super top secret thrift store location! I had to shoe away these two guys that were looking at it over my shoulder as I was looking at it, (poor thrifting etiquette tsk tsk). Even though I told them I was going to take it, those sneaky guys tried to go above my head and talk to the shop owner about buying it. Little did they know, I've been going there for over 15 years! So Ha! take that! Thrifting karma!

Since the owner hooked me up, I was in no position to haggle. Oh well! I still got a great deal though. A few weeks later, I dropped it off at my friend Fernando Garces' shop to have it refinished, I think it came out great!
 photo IMAG0151_zps07576e1d.jpg  photo IMAG0150_zpscf77089f.jpg  photo IMAG0152_zps89ac80e7.jpg

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