Sunday, March 17, 2013

Isabel Marant Store, Los Angleles

I stumbled upon these photos somewhere on the internet of the new Isabel Marant store in LA. It looks like it's pretty closeby, near the Beverly Center. I'm really in love with the interior, I am going to have to make a point to go see it in person. I will try to find out the designer of this space, they really nailed it with this project. It's difficult sometimes to explain a design philosophy, and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I feel like it is totally my "style". I love the raw concrete floors, the use of steel, the wood shipping crate coffee table, the burl wood chair,the BKF Hardoy (butterfly) chairs, the use of the natural plywood to create the sculptural niches, the Jean Prouve potence lamp, the use of the bold accent colors...I love everything about it! Photobucket Photobucket If anyone knows who to credit the photos to, please email me and Ill update the post. Thanks!

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