Thursday, November 15, 2012

up-dn chair! Its been a while since I've posted, been super swamped. So a few weeks ago, I submitted one of my chairs to the Apartment Therapy 2012 designer Showcase and it was shortlisted! This is a concept that I came up with while chatting with my buddy Brian after work. The chair can be flipped upside down to serve as a Rocker or regular chair. Photo credit goes to my buddy Patrick Connor, thanks, you are the man! I kept the materials really simple and minimal. I used scrap steel and thick leather hide. I received a few questions after the showcase, but if anyone wants one of their own, please contact me.

up-dn chair, tm ollin trujillo 2012


  1. Do you have any contact info I could reach you at about this chair?

    1. Hi Clayton, sure You can email me at, thanks!